Online Poker – The Omaha version

Omaha Poker derived from the also famous Texas Hold’em poker. It is played basically the same way as Texas Hold’em with the difference that each player receives four cards and certain small variations that make it different. The game of Omaha is found in the best UK online casinos, as well as in live tournament rooms around the world. Keep reading so that you learn and understand its rules and procedures.

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The goal of the game

In the game of Omaha poker, players try to win money by betting on the community pot. There are two ways in which the player can win: either by betting a good amount of money for the other player to double-fold-fold their cards or by showing the best hand at the end of each game. In order to become a good player in Omaha, it is good to focus on making good bets when you have a good hand and steer clear of adding more money to the pot when your cards or hand in possession are weak. This means that you have to have a good bankroll management strategy.

Game structure

Due to its rules, Omaha poker is considered one of the top online casino games that can be found on specialized sites like It is played at tables of up to ten players but is often played with two, six, or nine players. Their tables are always referred to by their limited bets – for example, a fixed limit £1 / £2 table would have a small bet of £1 and a large bet of £2. The small blind would be £0.50 and the big blind would be £1 – we’ll talk about this later. After Hold’em, Omaha is the most popular game online and with the largest presence in live tournament casinos. Omaha is played primarily in the Omaha Hi mode, where the highest hand wins the pot, but the Hi-lo version, in which half the pot goes to the highest hand and the other half the lowest, is very popular in the US. This Hi-Lo version is usually played in the fixed limit mode, while the normal version is played with the Pot limit, called Omaha Pot Limit.

Hand Ranking in Omaha

The ranking of the hands is the same as in almost all variants of poker, with the betting rounds being the same as in Texas Hold’em.

Preflop: The player to the left of the big blind begins to speak.

Flop, Turn and River: The small blind or, failing that, the player closest to his left who continues the play begins to speak. It is very important to remember that when presenting the cards to form the play, you must use two cards from the hand and three from the table.

Keep in mind that one of the characteristics of Omaha is that it is a game of “nuts”. In most hands, someone will have the maximum play, so it is advisable not to play non-maximum draws. The main problem for Texas Hold’em players who switch to Omaha is the overvaluation of their pairs. It is very important to keep in mind that we must play with 4 cards that are related.

How does the pot limit work?

Omaha High is almost always played in a Pot Limit format. In Pot Limit, there is more flexibility in choosing the bet size than in Fixed Limit; however, it is impossible to go straight all-in like in No Limit. It is important to know that a pot size raise always gives 2:1 odd to call. Here, a raise has to be at least the size of the last bet. To find out how big the maximum raise is, you count the money in the pot and the previous bet multiplied by 2.