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One thing that distinguishes a good casino from the best online casino is the presence of a professional croupier. They are an essential figure in any casino and we can find them in top casino games such as roulette and poker since they will be in charge of organizing and managing the game. In addition to the live roulette of online casinos, in the physical casino, we will see it at all the roulette tables distributing the game, while in conventional online roulette there is no dealer since the game is automatic.

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Croupier responsibilities

A croupier must face different situations since their main mission is to control and direct the game at the assigned table. We have all seen in casino movies how the croupier always maintains their cool no matter what. Thus, first of all, the croupier will welcome the players who sit at the table. He is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the client/player and must comply with the protocols of action and exposure of the casino, acting at all times according to the rules of his casino … and the game.

For instance, in roulette to maintain the order of the game is a very complex task for the croupier, since it is a game that admits a great variety of bets. Thus, in the first place, the croupier has to open the betting round shouting “play” and close it to “no more.” They must ensure that all players make correct bets, placing the bets requested by the players. They are responsible for throwing the ball, calling and marking the number and winning bets and paying them after clearing the losing bets mat.

Difference between a croupier and a dealer

Sometimes the croupier is cited as a dealer, and although they are two positions that have many similarities, they are not the same. The croupier sits at the roulette table, while the dealer deals with card games such as blackjack or poker (we recommend visiting for the latest releases in these games). In both cases we are talking about the professional who is in charge of managing the game in the casino, distributing luck among the players, validating and paying the bets, and although they may be synonymous, the difference is in the type of game they serve.

Characteristics of a good croupier

The croupier’s job is much more complex than many may think since it involves a wide variety of functions. For this reason, a good croupier must meet certain requirements that allow him to correctly perform his role at the roulette table.

A good communicator

If there are no players, the casino does not win (neither does the dealer), so one of his missions is to maintain a high rate of action at the table, which passes through a gift of people and communication skills to attract players that not everyone has. A good dealer will make the player comfortable at the table.

Quick decision making

Thinking quickly and analytically is one of the most valued skills in a croupier. If they are able to make decisions quickly, the table will work well. At the end of the day, you have to show dynamism in the game and sing and pay the winning bets correctly. If you underpay, the player will be angry; if you overpay, the casino loses.

Conflict resolution

Many times we can find ourselves with problems, such as players who get angry because they lose, their bet is not admitted, they do not really know what they have bet on … These are situations that the croupier must solve in the most efficient way possible so as not to disturb the game of the other players.

Physical ability

This is a work is physically and mentally demanding, so croupiers must be in good physical condition to withstand the stress of the game. Let’s not forget that they must spend a long period of time doing the same movements, generally standing.